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Back Issues of the Newsletter

The Timen Stiddem Society is currently working on a major project of publishing all back issues of the newsletter in three hardback volumes, all with complete name indexes for easy research and reference. The prices per volume will be in the range of the 3-volume history of the family by Jack and David Stidham. Final pricing yet to be determined. Volume I should be ready for purchase sometime later this year (2020). Volume II by early 2021. Volume III will be sometime in the years 2023 or 2024. Click on the Volume numbers below to see the features and highlights each issue.

Volume I: Issues #1, Spring 1998, through #32, Fall 2006

Volume II: Issues #33, Winter 2007, through #60, Fall 2013

Volume III: Issues #61 through futures issues yet to be published.


Issue #1, Spring 1998


Issue #60, Fall 2013

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