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Stidham* Family Tree

Stidham/Stedman Surnames DNA Project

TSS Memorial Brick,Kalmar Nickel Shipyard

Descendants of Dr. Timen Stiddem, the first Stidham* in America, who immigrated from Sweden in the 17th century to New Sweden (Wilmington), Delaware.

The focus of the study is to determine which Stidhams (all spellings) are genetically descended from Timen Stiddem, and which may have descended from the Scottish immigrant, John Steedman (1715-1795), many of whom now spell their surname as Stidham, Stedham, or Steadham.

The Timen Stiddem Society reached its goal of raising $1,075 towards the placement of "our" brick at the Copeland Maritime Center at the Kalmar Nyckel Shipyard. Click here to see the final list of generous contributors to this endeavor.

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