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Back Issues of the Newsletter

Volume II

Listed below are the features and highlights of each issue. Not listed are President's Messages, New Members, Current Stidham* News, Calendar of Events, etc. which are in all issues. The newsletter pages themselves number 508; the Index of All Names will be over 50 pages in length.

Issue 33, Winter 2007

The Crane Hook Church Monument, Wilmington, Delaware, by Clarence “Garet” Forwood Gunther
Come to the Smoky Mountains in June
Searching for My Ancestors’ Graves Part 2, by David R. Stidham
Some Virginia Cemeteries Visited While Searching for My Ancestors Graves
Five Generations of Stidhams*
Adam [173] Stedham, A Vile Tory, by Bob Stevens

Issue 34, Spring 2007
A Church-Boat In America, by Aleasa Hogate, the “Church-boat Lady”
Come to the Smoky Mountains in June for the 8th National Stidham* Family Reunion
Stidham* Place Names
Were Isaac [492] Stidham and Henry Stidum Brothers?, by David R. Stidham

Issue 35, Summer 2007
The 8th National Stidham* Family Reunion, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
Stidham* Place Names

Issue 36, Fall 2007
Tragedy in a Choctaw Family, by David R. Stidham
Stidhams* Who Served in the Vietnam War
Welcom to Mole City
Three Sons Served in the Military, by Sam Stidham (DM-263)
A Brief Summary of the Military Career of Robert Lee Stidham, by Robert Lee [3614] Stidham (DCM-94)
Fire on the USS Kitty Hawk, by Robert G. [4073] Stidham (DCM-178)
Disaster in Tuy Ahn, by Dr. Richard S. Wells (
Honor Roll of Stidhams* Who Served in the Vietnam War

Issue 37, Winter 2008
The Stidham Trucking Story, by Daniel Webster
Unplaced Stidhams*: George Riley Stidem of Tuckerman, Arkansas, Who Is He Really? by David R. Stidham
Poetry Corner
Sabrina Stidham Interviewed by W.H. McDonald - President of the Military Writers Society of America

Issue 38, Spring 2008
From Barbarian Tribesment to Proper Englishment, by Richard L. Steadham
Celebrating the Tenth Anniversary

Issue 39, Summer 2008
Timen Stiddem’s Old Barley Mill, by David R. Stidham
No Wonder So Few Know About Our Swedish Heritage, by Aleasa Hogate
Report on the 17th Century in the Delaware Valley, An Archaeological Symposium, by Garet Forwood Gunther, DM-453)
Unplaced Stidhams*: Francis Marion Stidham (1854-1898) of Sallisaw, Indian Territory, by David R. Stidham
Out of the Past: Obituary for Margaret Barbara Maggie Omer Stidham

Issue 40, Fall 2008
Jack Stidham – Family Historian
The Life of a Missourian, by Jack Stidham
Jack Stidham – Salesman, Benealogist, by Jim Claborn
The Beginning of a Life-Long Search for Timen Stiddem and His Descendants, by Jack Stidham
What You Had to Say About Jack Stidham
Senior Sawyers and Volunteers Create a Museum

Issue 41, Winter 2009
Peter Minuit, Timen Stiddem and Their Faith, by “Garet” Clarence Forwood Gunter (DM-453)
National Stidham* Family Runion, Wilmington, Delaware, June 26-28, 2009
Out of the Past
Poetry Corner: Jack Stidham, Man of God, by Janice [8227] Stidham Ashford (DCM-10)
Need Help for Future Newsletters
Stidham* Quilt Featured at “Colony to Cummunity” Exhibition

Issue 42, Spring 2009
Chief Hopaychutke Stidham, Fact or Myth? by David Rl Stidham
National Stidham* Family Reunion, Wilmington, Delaware, June 26-28, 2009
A Kentucky Stidham’s Remains Return Home from Korea after 58 Years, by Jim Warren

Issue 43, Summer 2009
The Ninth National Stidham* Family Reunion, Wilmington, Delaware
Unveiling of the Dr. Timen Stiddem Historic Figurine, by Richard L. Steadham
The Making of Dr. Timen Stiddem Historic Figure, by Aleasa Hogate (AM-518)
Sailing on the Kalmar Nyckel, by Dina Pugh (DM-402)
The Stidham* Family in America From New Sweden to the 21st Century, by Richard L. Steadham
Eighteenth Century Deeds Surface, by Frances Allmond (DCM-146)

Issue 44, Fall 2009
Site of the Timen Stiddem Home Place, by David R. Stidham
The Katt’s Catastrophe, by Christopher Ward, University of Pennsylvania Press, 1938

Issue 45, Winter 2010
Hallowed Ground, by Richard L. Steadham
In Memoriam: Dr. Peter Stebbins Craig
The Famous and Infoamous Sue Stidham, by Merle Griswold and Francine Rossman
Tragedy in Haiti Hits Close to Home, by Esther Stidham
Calling All Boy Scouts of America! Both Current and Former

Issue 46, Spring 2010
A Century of Stidhams* and Scouting, by Richard L. Steadham
Honor Roll of Stidhams* Who Have Earned the Eagle Scout Award
My Life in Scouting, by David R. Stidham
Stidum Portrait, by Dave Emmi
Cartledge Connection, by Richard L. Steadham
Steadham wins co-angler crown on Lake Okeechobee, by Gary Mortenson

Issue 47, Summer 2010
The Soldering of Beniah Stidham, by Howard Pyle
For the Love of My Stidham Family, by Sharron Lee Hayles Torrence (DM-479)
Honor Roll of Stidhams* Who Have Earned the Eagle Scout Award (Continues)

Issue 48, Fall 2010
Sweden Trip 2011
Stidhams* and Scouting (Continues), Certificate Proves Stidhams* Among Early BSA Members
Cole survivor: ‘In some ways it seems like it was yesterday,’ by Corinne Reilly, The Virginia-Pilot
Family Reunion for Descendants of Edwin Uriah [1260] Stidham

Issue 49, Winter 2011
Madame Anna Stedham, Swedish-American Swede and Her Family, by Margaretha Hedblom, Translated by Kim-Eric Williams
A Letter From the Heart, by Vinia Fugate
Meet Our Malung Cousins!

Issue 50, Spring 2011
Get Ready for the 10th National Stidham* Family Reunion, San Antonio, Texas
Benjamin Hezekiah Steadham: Confederate Soldier and Prisoner, Shows True Grit Walking Home After War, by Margie Brogdon Hess
An Episode of the Sea, 1942-1945, by Gaywood [2434] Steadham

Issue 51, Winter 2003
Looking Back on Our 10th National Stidham* Family Reunion, San Antonio, Texas
Services for Former Eufaula Lady Held in Fort Smith, Ark
Stidham* Family Reunion Texas Style, by David R. Stidham
Putting It All Together, by Tina Steadham (DM-355)

Issue 52, Fall 2011
The Sweden Tour
Stidham named Player of the Game in Babe Ruth World Series
To Sweden and Back, by David Stidham
The Stone Ships of Anundshog, by William O. Stidham (DCM-68)
Visiting Our Malung Cousins, by Karen Scott (DCM-88)
Churches in Sweden, by Kay Wootten-Schechinger (DCM-23)
Visiting Two Maritime Treadures, by Noria Gerig (DCM-101)
We Crossed the Atlantic, Became One Big Family, by Aleasa Hogate (AM-518)

Issue 53, Winter 2012
Another look at Luloff Stidden and his son, Tim, by David Stidham
Notes from the Editor’s Desk, by Richard L. Steadham
Five Generations
Treasurer’s story has a happy ending, by Holly Zachariah

Issue 54, Spring 2012
Barber-Surgeons in the 17th Century
A Tribute to Rhett Stidham, by Rick Bowles, “The Randall Knife Forums”
Mystery of the Stidham Bench in Bletchley Park England Solved
Dr. Stiddem’s Descendants Following His Calling in Medicine
A Young Stidham Doctor’s Life Taken

Issue 55, Summer 2012
New Historicl Marker for Crane Hook Church
David W. Belcher Weds Misty N. Stidham
Original Crane Hook Church Monument
A Closer Look at the Year 1638, by Suzanne Stidham Brooks (DCM-90)

Issue 56, Fall 2012
Old-Time Life In a Quaker Town, Written and Illustrated by Howard Pyle
As Time Goes By, by Walter Cornelius [4474] Stidham (DM-456)
Stidham* Quakers
The War of 1812 and the Indian Wars

Issue 57, Winter 2013
Honor Roll of Stidhams* Who Served in the Spanish-American War
Interesting Highlights Pertaining to Stidhams* in the 16th Federal Census, by David Stidham
Stidham Work: Our Surname, His Given Name
Recipients of the President’s Special Award of Appreciation
The Spanish-American War and the Stidhams* Who Served In It
Harry Jonas [591] Stidham
11th National Stidham* Family Reunion and 375th Anniversary of the Stidham* Family in America,April 12-14, 2013, Wilmington, Delaware, Itinerary

Issue 58, Spring 2013
11th National Stidham* Family Reunion, Wilmington, Delaware
In Memoriam: David R. Stidham, 1947-2013, by Richard L. Steadham
Dorothy Mae Gantenbein, 1926-2013, by Richard L. Steadham
Celebrating Our 15th Annversary Issue!
Forefather’s Day Luncheon
San Diego to be the Site of the 12th National Stidham* Family Reunion, by Richard L. Steadham

Issue 59, Summer 2013
Archeological Reconnaissance for the Swwedish Ship Kattan, 1649
Shipwrecked and Seized by Pirates! by Richard L. Steadham

Issue 28, Fall 2005
History Repeats at Stidham Mansion Where ‘Sommersby’ was Filmed, Patriotic Men Went Off to War Once Again, by Bill Lohmann
The Timen Stiddem Society Bylaws
Out of the Past

Issue 60, Fall 2013
Bicentennial Events Marking the Massacre of Fort Mims, August 30, 2013, Tensaw Alabama
Fort Mims 200th Anniversary, by Jeff Dute
Ready to bring history ashore, by Robin Brown

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